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fredag, 20. juni 2014



Lancelot is the web application designed and produced by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on climate Change (CMCC) to provide…

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Greenland melting due equally to global warming, natural variations

fredag, 9. maj 2014

greenland ice

University of Washington: The rapid melting of Greenland glaciers is captured in the documentary “Chasing Ice.” The retreat of the…

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Permafrost thawing could accelerate global warming

tirsdag, 8. april 2014



Florida State University


Researchers have found new evidence that permafrost thawing is releasing large quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere…

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Arctic melt speeding up

søndag, 9. marts 2014

climate news network: Ice in the Arctic continues to retreat. The season without ice is getting longer by an average…

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Video: A Polar Disaster Movie

mandag, 17. februar 2014

polar movie science

Science: It’s not a secret that the Arctic Ocean is turning from white to blue as sea ice retreats. But…

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Greenland’s fastest glacier reaches record speeds

onsdag, 5. februar 2014


EGU: Jakobshavn Isbræ (Jakobshavn Glacier) is moving ice from the Greenland ice sheet into the ocean at a speed that…

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New actors in the Arctic ecosystem

onsdag, 1. januar 2014

alfred wegner

Biologists from the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) have for the first time shown that…

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World first: Russia begins pumping oil from Arctic seabed

lørdag, 28. december 2013

gazprom arctic

Gazprom has pioneered the Russian Arctic shelf development

Mongabay: Oil has begun to be pumped from the Arctic seabed, according to Russian…

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Arctic sea ice up from record low

mandag, 16. december 2013

esa cryosat

Autumn sea-ice thickness from CryoSat 2010–2013

ESA: Measurements from ESA’s CryoSat satellite show that the volume of Arctic sea ice has…

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Polar bear attacks: scientists warn of fresh dangers in warming Arctic

mandag, 4. november 2013

Guardian: A polar bear attack in Canada that left two people injured has brought new warnings from scientists of a…

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Unprecedented warmth in Arctic

torsdag, 24. oktober 2013

University Colorado Boulder

Average summer temperatures in the Eastern Canadian Arctic during the last 100 years are higher now than during any century…

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Escaping the warmth: The Atlantic cod conquers the Arctic

onsdag, 23. oktober 2013

polar cod

Alfred Wegener Institute: As a result of climate change the Atlantic cod has moved so far north that it’s juveniles…

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When will climate change strike you?

lørdag, 12. oktober 2013

climate departure

credit: Yahoo news: When will climate change strike you? : Ecological and societal disruptions by modern climate change are critically determined…

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The deep Greenland Sea is warming faster than the World Ocean

onsdag, 25. september 2013

Recent warming of the Greenland Sea Deep Water is about ten times higher than warming rates estimated for the global…

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Arctic Sea Ice Minimum in 2013 Is Sixth Lowest On Record

lørdag, 21. september 2013

sea ice low 2013 nsidc

NSIDC: On September 13, Arctic sea ice reached its likely minimum extent for 2013. The minimum ice extent was the…

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Climate change could turn Greenland green by 2100

onsdag, 28. august 2013

Guardian: Climate change could bring about the greening of Greenland by the end of the century, scientists predict.

Today only four…

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Cost of Arctic methane release could be ‘size of global economy’

torsdag, 25. juli 2013

Erasmus University (RSM).: “The global impact of a warming Arctic is an economic time-bomb”, says Gail Whiteman, Professor of sustainability,…

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Arctic Biodiversity Assessment

fredag, 17. maj 2013

arctic biodiversity

The Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), the biodiversity working group of the Arctic Council has released the “Arctic…

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White House warned on imminent Arctic ice death spiral

fredag, 3. maj 2013

guardian: Senior US government officials are to be briefed at the White House this week on the danger of an…

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Arctic Sea Ice minimum, sept 1979 -sept 2012.

mandag, 29. april 2013

arctic sea ice

Arctic News: Above a tilted screenshot from the animation below, by Andy Lee Robinson, of Arctic Sea Ice minimum volumes…

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Interactive Map of the Arctic

torsdag, 11. april 2013

greenpeace north pole


Greenpeace: Into the Arctic is a digital, interactive map we just launched today with the North Pole at its centre.…

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The ten lowest maximums in arctic sea ice have occurred in the last ten years .

tirsdag, 26. marts 2013

arctic sea ice 2013 march

NSIDC: Arctic sea ice reached its maximum extent for the year on March 15 at 15.13 million square kilometers (5.84…

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Opening the Northern Sea Route administration

torsdag, 21. marts 2013

north sea route

BarentsObs: From an office in downtown Moscow, 15 people will regulate traffic along Russia’s Northern Sea Route.

A decree signed this…

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Amplified Greenhouse Effect Shifts North’s Growing Seasons

mandag, 11. marts 2013

NASA 733097main1_Northern_ndvi_FINAL-673

NASA: Vegetation growth at Earth’s northern latitudes increasingly resembles lusher latitudes to the south, according to a NASA-funded study based…

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Permafrost and climate change – interactive

fredag, 22. februar 2013

permafrost guardian

Guardian: Permafrost, soil that has remained below 0C for more than two years, occurs in a quarter of the Earth’s…

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Global temperature rise of 1.5 degrees Celsius could see permanently frozen ground thaw

torsdag, 21. februar 2013

ScienceDaily  stor

Evidence from Siberian caves suggests that a global temperature rise of 1.5 degrees Celsius could see permanently frozen ground thaw…

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CryoSat reveals major loss of arctic ice

onsdag, 13. februar 2013

cryosat 2013 esa

ESA: An international team of scientists using new measurements from ESA’s ice mission has discovered that the volume of Arctic…

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Polar Bear Researchers Urge Governments to Act Now and Save the Species

mandag, 11. februar 2013

Polar Bears International: A University of Alberta polar bear researcher along with eleven international co-authors, including Polar Bear International’s chief…

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Greenland ice cores reveal warm climate of the past

fredag, 25. januar 2013

Niels Bohr Institute: In the period between 130,000 and 115,000 years ago, Earth’s climate was warmer than today. But how…

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A new approach to assessing future sea level rise from ice sheets

mandag, 7. januar 2013

Bristol University: Future sea level rise due to the melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets could be substantially…

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The melting Arctic

torsdag, 3. januar 2013

EEA: The extent of the sea ice in the Arctic reached a new record low in September 2012. Climate change…

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2012 Arctic Report Card

onsdag, 5. december 2012

noaa 2012

NOAA: Arctic continues to break records in 2012: Becoming warmer, greener region with record losses of summer sea ice and…

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Clearest evidence yet of polar ice losses

fredag, 30. november 2012

ESA 2012

ESA: After two decades of satellite observations, an international team of experts brought together by ESA and NASA has produced…

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Animated graphics show records broken in levels of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice

tirsdag, 9. oktober 2012

New Scientist: Last month saw unprecedented conditions in both Arctic and Antarctic. The animations below show the average extent of…

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Loss of Arctic Sea Ice … and of a ‘Giant Parasol’

onsdag, 3. oktober 2012

yale forum

Yale forum on climate change

Yale: A new video produced by independent videographer Peter Sinclair for The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media…

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High-Arctic Heat Tops 1,800-Year High

lørdag, 29. september 2012

LDEO: Summers on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard are now warmer than at any other time in the last 1,800…

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Arctic Sea Ice: What, Why, And What Next

mandag, 24. september 2012

reflektion naam-ice-04

ClimateProgress: What’s happening in the Arctic? Why is it happening? And does it matter for the bulk of us who…

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Visualizing 2012’s Record Arctic Sea Ice Melt

lørdag, 22. september 2012

Climate Central: The National Snow and Ice Data Center announced on September 19 that Arctic sea ice had reached its…

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Arctic sea ice extent settles at record seasonal minimum

onsdag, 19. september 2012

nsidc polar ice sept 2012

NSIDC: On September 16, Arctic sea ice appeared to have reached its minimum extent for the year of 3.41 million…

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How to teach … Polar meltdown

tirsdag, 18. september 2012

Guardian Why-is-the-sea-ice-in-the-010

This week the Guardian Teacher Network has resources related to climate change and the Arctic meltdown. Enjoy.

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Possible consequences for an ice-free Arctic Ocean

mandag, 17. september 2012

Biology Letters: Recent studies predict that the Arctic Ocean will have ice-free summers within the next 30 years. This poses…

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As Sea Ice Fades, The Arctic Becomes A Nautical Highway

fredag, 7. september 2012

Climate Central. The timing couldn’t have been better: just a week or so after scientists announced the greatest meltback of…

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Carbon Release from Collapsing Coastal Permafrost in Arctic Siberia

torsdag, 30. august 2012


ScienceDaily — In this week’s issue of Nature a study led by Stockholm University, with collaborators from Russia, US, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Spain…

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Arctic sea ice breaks lowest extent on record

tirsdag, 28. august 2012

nasa ice polar aug 2012

NASA:  According to scientists from NASA and the NASA-supported National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colo., the…

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2012: The ‘Goliath’ melting year

torsdag, 16. august 2012

Greenland Melting: Melting in Greenland set a new record before the end of the melting season. Over the past days,…

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Arctic sea ice extent, August 2012

onsdag, 15. august 2012


NSIDC: Arctic sea ice extent for August 13, 2012 was 4.90 million square kilometers (1.9 million square miles), 450,000 square…

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Flyfotos afslører indlandsisens hemmelighed

torsdag, 2. august 2012

Københavns Universitet: Selv om den grønlandske indlandsis i øjeblikket smelter med rivende fart, er det langt fra sikkert, at vi…

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Where Did All the Ice Go? The Media’s Coverage of the Greenland Melt Event

torsdag, 26. juli 2012

The Atctic Institute: Earlier this week the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released a press statement describing an unusual…

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Satellites See Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Melt

onsdag, 25. juli 2012

NASA greenland ice melt july 2012

Extent of Greenland ice melt, July 8-12

NASA: For several days this month, Greenland’s surface ice cover melted over a larger…

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Glacier Break Creates Ice Island Twice Size of Manhattan

tirsdag, 17. juli 2012

University of Delaware: An ice island twice the size of Manhattan has broken off from Greenland’s Petermann Glacier, according to…

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