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fredag, 20. juni 2014



Lancelot is the web application designed and produced by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on climate Change (CMCC) to provide…

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Hotspots of climate change impacts in Africa

onsdag, 7. maj 2014

pik africa may 2014

Potsdam PIK: Overlapping impacts of climate change such as drought or flooding, declining crop yields or ecosystem damages create hotspots…

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Climate change to intensify important African weather systems

torsdag, 1. maj 2014

Stanford: Weather systems that bring rainstorms to many drought-prone areas of northern Africa, carry Saharan dust across the ocean and…

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Nile Delta Disappearing Beneath the Sea

fredag, 31. januar 2014

nile delta

IPS: Spread over 25,000 kilometres, the densely populated Nile Delta is the breadbasket of Egypt, accounting for two-thirds of the…

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Most at risk cities Dhaka, Mumbai, Manila, Kolkata, Bangkok – lowest risk in London, Paris

onsdag, 30. oktober 2013

maplecroft 2013

The sixth annual release of Maplecroft’s Climate Change and Environmental Risk Atlas reveals that 31% of global economic output will be…

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When will climate change strike you?

lørdag, 12. oktober 2013

climate departure

credit: Yahoo news: When will climate change strike you? : Ecological and societal disruptions by modern climate change are critically determined…

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Spread of crop pests threatens global food security as Earth warms

mandag, 2. september 2013

University of Exeter: A new study has revealed that global warming is resulting in the spread of crop pests towards…

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Sahel: Recurrent Climate Shocks Propel Migration

lørdag, 3. august 2013

Refugees International: Recurrent climate-related shocks in West Africa’s Sahel region are having severe impacts on vulnerable populations. Increasingly, those unable…

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What Climate Change Means for Africa, Asia and the Coastal Poor

onsdag, 19. juni 2013

wb 2013

World Bank: This report focuses on the risks of climate change to development in Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia and…

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The Surprising Role of CO2 in Changes on the African Savanna

torsdag, 13. juni 2013

Yale Environment 360: Recent studies show that many of the world’s savannas, including famed African landscapes such as the Serengeti,…

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Changes in rainfall seasonality in the tropics

tirsdag, 21. maj 2013

Nature climate change Early warning of climate tipping points - Nature Climate Change - Nature Publishing Group 2011-06-27 11-04-23

Climate change has altered not only the overall magnitude of rainfall but also its seasonal distribution and interannual variability worldwide.…

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98% of all displacement in 2012 was related to climate- and weather-related events

tirsdag, 14. maj 2013

idcm 2012

IDCM: The Global Estimates report reveals that 32.4 million people were forced to flee their homes in 2012 by disasters…

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Malawians rethink maize planting as climate dries

torsdag, 11. april 2013

By Karen Sanje

MZUZU, Malawi (AlertNet) – Less than three years after Ezelina Nyirongo reluctantly abandoned cultivation of her favourite local…

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New data tool tracks emerging conflict trends in Africa

fredag, 15. februar 2013

africa robert strauss

AlertNet: By combining mapping, analysis and raw data from thousands of emerging and historical conflicts, the CCAPS Conflict Dashboard enables users to…

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New Research Shows Complexity of Global Warming

torsdag, 31. januar 2013


Global warming from greenhouse gases affects rainfall patterns in the world differently than that from solar heating, according to a…

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10 places climate change kills the most people

onsdag, 19. december 2012


DARA: The Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2nd Edition reveals that climate change has already held back global development and inaction is…

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Hunger may be largest health impact of climate change

onsdag, 19. september 2012

hunger alertnet

LONDON (AlertNet) – Malnutrition is likely to be the most serious health threat linked to climate shifts in the coming…

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World confronts serious water crisis

tirsdag, 11. september 2012

InterAction Council: The world today confronts a water crisis with critical implications for peace, political stability and economic development, experts…

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Severe Droughts Drive Food Prices Higher, Threatening the Poor

fredag, 31. august 2012

World Bank: Global food prices soared by 10 percent in July from a month ago, with maize and soybean reaching…

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Land grabs leave Africa facing ‘hydrological suicide’

tirsdag, 12. juni 2012

africa water grain

Squeezing Africa dry: behind every land grab is a water grab,

GRAIN: Food cannot be grown without water. In Africa, one…

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Climate Change Has Intensified the Global Water Cycle

fredag, 27. april 2012

ClimateCentral: Climate scientists have been saying for years that one of the many downsides of a warming planet is that…

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Drought could become a catastrophe for 13 million if action not taken in West and Central Africa, Oxfam warns

fredag, 9. marts 2012

Oxfam: Some 13 million people are at severe risk from a food crisis which is set to escalate into a…

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Global mining boom is leading to landgrab, says report

søndag, 4. marts 2012

Guardian: Huge increase in large-scale mining is being fuelled by the rising price of metals and oil, as search for…

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Mapping Tool Analyzes How Climate Change, Conflict, and Aid Intersect

onsdag, 29. februar 2012

afrika ccaps

The CCAPS program released the pilot version of its dynamic mapping tool today. In partnership with AidData, CCAPS developed the online data portal…

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Lake Victoria’s ports grapple with sinking water levels

onsdag, 11. januar 2012

AlertNet: The water level at the original Nansio pier has gradually been dropping since seasonal rainfalls began to lessen in…

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Climate change blamed for dead trees in Africa

onsdag, 14. december 2011

BERKELEY — Trees are dying in the Sahel, a region in Africa south of the Sahara Desert, and human-caused climate change…

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CLIMATE CHANGE: A Threat to Food Security in Africa’s Basins

tirsdag, 15. november 2011

AlertNet: While Africa has successfully avoided conflict over shared water courses, it will need greater diplomacy to keep the peace…

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Too hot for chocolate?

lørdag, 1. oktober 2011

CIAT: Over half of the world’s chocolate comes from cocoa produced by smallholders in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire, many of…

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The Horn of Africa drought bites deeper

mandag, 26. september 2011

AfricaNews: As the devastating drought causes havoc on the Horn of Africa region the number of people affected is staggering.…

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East Africa, Arab world face food crisis

lørdag, 10. september 2011

UPI: The main humanitarian focus is in East Africa, where the catastrophe sweeping the region has been a long time…

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Food is the ultimate security need

onsdag, 31. august 2011

Somalia, DR Congo top Maplecroft’s food security risk ranking

food security map maplecroft aug 2011

A new study assessing the availability and stability of food supplies in 196…

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Global Warming Behind Somali Drought

søndag, 28. august 2011

PARIS, Aug 26, 2011 (IPS) – The severe drought in the Horn of Africa, which has caused the death of…

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The Food Crises and Political Instability in North Africa and the Middle East

torsdag, 25. august 2011

Fao food price index 2011

Credit: FAO

NESCI: The Food Crises and Political Instability in North Africa and the Middle East

Social unrest may reflect a variety of…

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No Option but to Adapt to a Changing Climate

tirsdag, 16. august 2011

WINDHOEK, Aug 15, 2011 (IPS) – Extreme weather conditions predicted because of climate change in Namibia are likely to have a…

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Climate Change and the Famine on the Horn of Africa

torsdag, 4. august 2011

NatureNews: Chris Funk explains how his group last year forecast the drought in Somalia that is now turning into famine…

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KENYA: Drought exacerbates conflict in Turkana

lørdag, 30. juli 2011

LOKICHOGGIO, 29 July 2011 (IRIN) – Cross-border armed conflict over resources among Turkana pastoralists in northeastern Kenya has increased following…

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New analysis indicates that 2010/11 was one of the driest years in the eastern Horn since 1950/51

torsdag, 21. juli 2011

Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) 2011-07-21 13-23-10 horn of africa usaid

FEWS NET/USGS has merged two historical rainfall data sets: interpolated rain gauge data from 1950‐2009 and satellite derived rainfall estimates…

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2011 Horn of Africa famine

torsdag, 21. juli 2011


The 2011 Horn of Africa famine is a famine occurring in several regions in the Horn of Africa as a…

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SPECIAL COVERAGE: Horn of Africa hunger crisis

mandag, 18. juli 2011


SPECIAL COVERAGE- Horn of Africa hunger crisis - AlertNet 2011-07-18 17-53-25

LONDON (AlertNet) – One of the most severe droughts in 60 years has hit more than 10 million people in…

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Dadaab: the largest refugee camp in the world — audio slideshow

mandag, 18. juli 2011


• The total population in need in the region is about 10.7 million people. This figure includes some 778,000 refugees…

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Millions need urgent aid amidst drought, conflict and food crisis in the Horn of Africa

fredag, 8. juli 2011

VIDEO: 30 June 2011 – UNICEF’s Regional Emergency Advisor for Eastern and Southern Africa, Robert McCarthy, dicsusses the food crisis…

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Millions risk hunger in Horn of Africa

torsdag, 7. juli 2011

AlertNet Video: More than ten million people face drought and starvation in the Horn of Africa region as aid agencies…

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Horn of Africa drought: interactive map

mandag, 4. juli 2011


Some 10 million people are at risk in the Horn of Africa as two years of drought have forced food…

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Water scarcity in Africa and the Middle East: get the data

søndag, 3. juli 2011


This year’s political unrest in the water-starved Middle East has raised the profile of the issue, with various commentators predicting…

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Drought displaces Somalis

lørdag, 2. juli 2011

Alertnet Drought displace somalies somalia

Climate Change AlertNet

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Severe drought hits eastern Africa

lørdag, 25. juni 2011

At least 10 people have been killed after clashes broke out in northern Kenya over control of grazing land and…

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When the Nile runs dry

onsdag, 22. juni 2011

A new scramble for Africa is under way. As global food prices rise and exporters reduce shipments of commodities, countries…

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Global Fire Information

lørdag, 11. juni 2011

Natural Resources and Environment- GFIMS home 2011-06-11 14-18-43 firms global fires

The Global Fire Information Management System (GFIMS) integrates remote sensing and GIS technologies to deliver MODIS hotspot/fire locations and burned…

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Investor land deals exploiting Africa

fredag, 10. juni 2011


Oakland, CA – Hedge funds and other foreign speculators are increasing price volatility and supply insecurity in the global food system,…

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Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are world’s most water stressed countries

torsdag, 19. maj 2011

Maplecroft-Water-Stress-I-006 africa 2011

The Gulf nations of Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are rated as the world’s most water stressed countries, with…

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