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Interdisciplinary Collaboration Turns Climate Data into Art

fredag, 1. februar 2013

polar climate change exhibition

CCNY: Exhibit at CCNY uses digital design, computer game and audio technologies to make polar data more accessible and more…

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A Quest to Document Earth’s Disappearing Glaciers

torsdag, 1. november 2012

yale 360 extreme ice

Yale Environment 360: For James Balog, it all began with a 2005 National Geographic assignment to photograph the world’s rapidly…

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Glacial Balance in the Andes

onsdag, 27. juli 2011

glacial balance

“Glacial Balance” will take us on a journey along the Andes – from Argentina to Colombia, dropping in on the…

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A link between climate change and Joplin tornadoes? Never.

søndag, 12. juni 2011


YouTube: an op-ed by Bill McKibben, author and founder of, narrated and illustrated by Stephen Thomson of

Bill McKibben…

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Urban Water Design Challenge for Interactive Water Footprint Infographic

onsdag, 30. marts 2011

Urban_Water_Design_Challenge_Runner_Up1-590x379 circle blue

Global competition sponsored by Circle of Blue and

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Onkalo: Final disposal of spent nuclear fuel

torsdag, 24. marts 2011

Into Eternity The Movie - Opens February 2 in the US_1300963139275

Every day, the world over, large amounts of high-level radioactive waste cre- ated by nuclear power plants is placed in…

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Carbon Nation – The Movie

søndag, 13. februar 2011


Carbon Nation doesn’t waste time arguing that climate change is real and caused by humans, the film steps right into…

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The World is Flat: Republicans Kills Climate Change Committee

fredag, 7. januar 2011

GOP republicans

Continue: Politicususa

Guardian: Republicans kill global warming committee

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UN Convention to Combat Desertification photo contest 2009

torsdag, 16. december 2010

un desert water brønd børn

Second prize: Kyaw Thar

Photograph: UNCCD Photo Contest 2009

The UNCCD international photo contest 2009 is part of a global effort to raise awareness…

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VideoBoom: 300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds

onsdag, 1. december 2010

fossil fuel 300 yr

“Fossil fuel”: it’s a term that’s been as synonymous with human activity as breathing since the beginning of the 20th…

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Beyond the brink

tirsdag, 23. november 2010

beyond the brink stor

Beyond the Brink is a young filmmaker’s take on the climate change debate. 18-year-old Ross Harrison spent a year chasing…

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70 Percent of Himalayan Glaciers Gone by Next Century

mandag, 5. juli 2010

Rivers of Ice_1278284866635

In January, when the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change acknowledged that it was wrong in predicting that the…

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The greatest nature photographs of all time go up for auction in a bid to save the Earth

torsdag, 22. april 2010

sedimenter vand spejling

photographer Jack Dykinga


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Earthday 2010

onsdag, 21. april 2010

greenpeace earth day 2010


YouTube - Give Earth a Hand_1271874112026

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Augusto Contento: Roads of water the film / Strade d`Acqua

tirsdag, 2. marts 2010

roads of water film

roads of water unesco

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Filmmaker Takes on Plight of ‘Climate Refugees’

søndag, 21. februar 2010

film climate refugees

There is a new phenomenon in the global arena called “Climate Refugees”. A climate refugee is a person displaced by…

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Sinking Sundarbans

onsdag, 13. januar 2010

sinking sindabars greeenpeace

12 January 2010

The devastating impact of climate change on people living at the mouth of the river Ganges is being…

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Copenhagen climate change conference: protests and art installations

mandag, 14. december 2009


As Danish authorities are bracing for a massive demonstration in Copenhagen expected to draw tens of thousands of people, we…

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24 kilometers of red blinking LED-lights in 7 meters height in the streets of Copenhagen.

torsdag, 3. december 2009

7 meters lille mand 7 tal

Artist: Jens Galschiøt

7 Meters is the height with which the water will rise if all the ice in Greenland melts.


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onsdag, 2. december 2009

beds are burning

Music Video

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Earth: Art of a changing world

mandag, 30. november 2009

art london

Artist: Mariele Neudecker, ‘400 Thousand Generations’, 2009

GSK Contemporary Season 2009 - Exhibitions - Royal Academy of Arts_1259581453479

Earth: Art of a changing world is the second annual contemporary art season at…

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Hard Rain: Our Headlong Collision with Nature

torsdag, 26. november 2009

hard rain

Presented as a 60-metre banner, the Hard Rain exhibition has been shown at over 50 venues around the world including…

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Wandering Refugees

onsdag, 25. november 2009

7 meters wandering refugees

Artist: Jens Galschiot,

Site and duration of exhibition: The area ‘Amager Fælled’ – from November 13th to December 20th

Refugees: 10 meters…

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Survival of the fattes

onsdag, 25. november 2009

7 meters survival of the fattest little mermaid

Artist: Jens Galschiot,

The sculpture ’Survival of the fattest’ is a symbol of the rich worlds (i.e. the fat woman,…

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RETHINK – Contemporary Art & Climate Change

onsdag, 25. november 2009




RETHINK is an art project that thematizes climate changes through Nordic and international contemporary art. The project consists of a…

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Deforestation in central London

torsdag, 19. november 2009

An installation featuring giant tropical tree stumps in Trafalgar square is designed to symbolise threatened rainforest trees throughout the world.


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“Climate Change In Our World” exhibit 2009 – Earth under fire.

torsdag, 12. november 2009

Ice Cave AAAS

“Climate Change in Our World” an exhibit of large-scale color photographs by Gary Braasch, from his book Earth Under Fire:…

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Chris Jordan Photography: Midway – Message from the Gyre

lørdag, 24. oktober 2009

albatros Gyre Plasic pacific Chris Jordan garbage

These photographs of albatross chicks were made just a few weeks ago on Midway Atoll, a tiny stretch of sand…

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Gorillaz artist journeys to Bangladesh to document climate impacts

mandag, 19. oktober 2009


Jamie Hewlett’s paintings of Bangladeshi villagers capture the beauty and fragility of their flood-threatened existence. He speaks of his terrifying…

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‘We Are One: a celebration of tribal peoples’ published this autumn

fredag, 16. oktober 2009


Unique collection of indigenous wisdom, stunning photos and writing from international authors, poets, journalists and others.

We Are One is a…

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‘Space clown’ hosts global show

lørdag, 10. oktober 2009

laliberte cirque de solei water space

Guy Laliberte’s event aimed to raise awareness of global water issues.

Circus entrepreneur and “first clown in space” Guy Laliberte has…

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Film: A Sea Change

tirsdag, 29. september 2009

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Extreme Ice Survey – Seeing is beliving.

torsdag, 24. september 2009

The Extreme Ice Survey is the most wide-ranging glacier study ever conducted using ground-based, real-time photography. EIS uses time-lapse photography,…

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Carbon Counter

torsdag, 24. september 2009

Our climate is changing. The scientific evidence is clear: our planet is getting warmer.1 Greenhouse gases (GHGs) – including carbon…

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Tusenvis av klimaentusiaster samlet seg i går for å demonstrere sin bekymring forut for klimauken i New York.

mandag, 21. september 2009

Et menneskelig timeglass i Central Park skulle demonstrere hvordan tiden renner ut for politikerne til å komme fram til en…

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100 Places to remember

lørdag, 19. september 2009

“100 Places to Remember Before they Disappear” has been developed by Co+Life who is part of the CoPlus group that…

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The Turkanas of Kenya – nomadic herders in a changing climate

fredag, 11. september 2009

Belgian photographer Roger Job has documented some of the worst humanitarian crises in Africa, including the civil war in Liberia…

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Environmental Photographer of the Year

torsdag, 10. september 2009

The Environmental Photographer of the Year shares images of environmental and social issues with international audiences, enhancing our understanding of…

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600 strip naked on glacier in global warming protest

lørdag, 5. september 2009

Grrenpeace: Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland – An emergency provokes extreme responses: human beings in danger will abandon social niceties, etiquette, and…

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fredag, 4. september 2009

Hvordan kan kunst og kultur bidrage med løsninger på klimaudfordringerne?
Det er et spørgsmål, som kulturminister Carina Christensen har bedt vores…

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Ice children in Beijing mark Copenhagen summit

tirsdag, 1. september 2009

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The Age of Stupid

torsdag, 20. august 2009

“The Age of Stupid” er en nye film fra Director Franny Armstrong og Producer John Battsek.
Pete Postlethwaite spiller en mand,…

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Kirkeklokker skal slå et slag for klimaet

fredag, 14. august 2009

Når repræsentanter fra hele verden til december mødes til FN’s klimatopmøde i København, venter der dem en kimen af kirkeklokker…

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Himalaya – Changing Landscapes

søndag, 26. juli 2009

In the 1950s Austrian and Swiss scientists conducted extensive studies of the Everest region in Nepal. Photos taken by these…

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It’s Our Future: Youth Activists at the Climate Advocacy Institute

onsdag, 22. juli 2009

Check out this amazing video from Samarjit Khanna of the Indian Youth Climate Network, and his Climate Advocacy Institute production…

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søndag, 5. juli 2009 is an international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world
around solutions to the climate crisis–the solutions that…

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lørdag, 4. juli 2009

Red Alert – The Ice is Melting. is a manifestation that, using red blinking LED-light, is to symbolize that we are going…

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HOME – a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

fredag, 5. juni 2009

A hymn for the planet

HOME is an ode to the planet’s beauty and its delicate harmony. Through the landscapes of…

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Deep Green på Den Frie Udstillingsbygning.

tirsdag, 12. maj 2009

Artist : Aasa-Sonjasdotter

De udstillende kunstnere på DEEP GREEN kommer ikke nødvendigvis med en korrekt etisk eller “grøn” erklæring, men tillader…

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No words necessary: The cartoonists tackle climate change

onsdag, 29. april 2009

The results of a worldwide competition are sharp, satirical – and even funny

The Independent

The winner: ‘Coat Star’, by Mikhail Zlatkovsky,…

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Atmospheric CO2 data