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Risky Business

onsdag, 25. juni 2014

U.S. Regions and Business Sectors Face Significant Economic Risks From Climate Change

Risky Business: The American economy could face significant and…

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Catastrophe Modelling & Climate Change,

torsdag, 8. maj 2014

Lloyds: Against a background of more frequent severe weather events, such as floods and windstorms, a new report from Lloyd’s…

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EU to cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030

lørdag, 8. februar 2014

eu flag 1

Guardian: Europe will cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, compared with 1990 levels, the toughest climate change…

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Halving CO2 emissions by 2050: New report says it will cost $2 trillion a year

torsdag, 19. september 2013

imperial college london

Imperial College London: Now researchers at Imperial have considered what technologies and interventions are required to limit these global CO2…

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IMF Sees Big Gains from Energy Subsidies Reform

torsdag, 4. april 2013

A new report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) urged policymakers the world over to reform subsidies for products from…

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Climate change, debt and inequality ‘threaten financial stability’

torsdag, 10. januar 2013


WEF: The Global Risks Report 2013 analyses 50 global risks in terms of impact, likelihood and interconnections, based on a…

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Long-shot carbon tax suddenly part of fiscal cliff debate

lørdag, 10. november 2012

Reuters: A potential tax on big polluters, a taboo subject in the United States in recent years, has come back…

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Vicki Arroyo: Let’s prepare for our new climate

søndag, 30. september 2012


vicki ted

Set aside the politics: Data shows that climate change is happening, measurably, now. And as Vicki Arroyo says, it’s time…

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Global warming: New research emphasizes the role of economic growth

fredag, 4. maj 2012

TerraDaily: It’s a message no one wants to hear: To slow down global warming, we’ll either have to put the…

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Thailand flooding costs Lloyd’s of London $2.2bn

tirsdag, 14. februar 2012

Guardian: Combined estimates from other insurance groups have already put total cost of Thai natural disaster at $15bn to $20bn.…

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Tropical Cyclones to Cause Greater Damage

torsdag, 2. februar 2012

trophical cyclones

Tropical cyclones will cause $109 billion in damages by 2100, according to Yale and MIT researchers in a paper published in…

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Fossil fuel subsidies: a tour of the data

fredag, 20. januar 2012

Guardian: One of the most surprising and alarming issues in the climate and energy arena is the fact that the…

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Australian Senate passes carbon tax

tirsdag, 8. november 2011

Guardian: Australia’s parliament has passed landmark laws to impose a price on carbon emissions in one of the biggest economic…

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mandag, 24. oktober 2011

The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) is a forum for collaboration on climate change for European investors.

2011 Global…

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New Report on the Costs of Climate Change to Canada

torsdag, 29. september 2011

The NRT has released its latest groundbreaking report as part of its Climate Prosperity series. Paying the Price: The Economic Impacts…

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Why Bangladesh doesn’t want climate adaptation loans

torsdag, 30. juni 2011

guardian powerty matters blog

Guardian: This week in Cape Town, the World Bank will decide whether to approve new climate adaptation loans for five…

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Opportunities offered by climate change

torsdag, 5. maj 2011


Posted by Rachel Godfrey Wood Tuesday 26 April 2011 07.00 BST

It’s not always a great idea to acknowledge that bad things…

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Transparency International launches the Global Corruption Report: Climate Change

søndag, 1. maj 2011

corruption climate change transparency int 2011

Overcoming climate change is the most critical challenge of the 21st century. The flows of funding to assist developing countries…

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onsdag, 27. april 2011

Stockholm Environment Institute_1259241294363

SEI has unveiled a new version of weADAPT, an online ‘open space’ on climate adaptation issues for practitioners, researchers and…

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Shift fossil fuel subsidies to back clean tech

torsdag, 7. april 2011

IEA releases first Clean Energy Progress Report

The International Energy Agency on Wednesday released its first Clean Energy Progress Report, which…

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Lloyd’s warns insurance premiums may rise after series of disasters

torsdag, 31. marts 2011

Lloyd’s of London, the world’s largest insurance market, refused to rule out rises in premiums as it reported a sharp…

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Carbon Nation – The Movie

søndag, 13. februar 2011


Carbon Nation doesn’t waste time arguing that climate change is real and caused by humans, the film steps right into…

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How extreme weather could create a global food crisis

fredag, 4. februar 2011

2010 was among the hottest and wettest years on record – we are entering a period of climate and food…

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Climate change threatens Europe’s living standards

tirsdag, 1. februar 2011


Southern Europe could face tens of billions in losses, but northern Europe may benefit.

Continue: Nature


Physical and economic consequences of climate…

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Overall picture of natural catastrophes in 2010

torsdag, 6. januar 2011

Munich Re - RSS-ATOM-XML_1262093218835

Several major catastrophes in 2010 resulted in substantial losses and an exceptionally high number of fatalities. The overall picture last…

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10 amazing facts you probably didn’t know about renewable energy.

onsdag, 5. januar 2011

greenpeace renewables wind


In all the spin from fossil fuels and nuclear industries, it is easy to start believing that renewable energy can’t…

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Improved financing for climate change adaptation in least developed countries

søndag, 28. november 2010

The Least Developed Countries Report 2010, released today, is subtitled “Towards a new international development architecture for LDCs”. The report…

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Putting a Price on Global Environmental Damage

fredag, 8. oktober 2010

Global environmental damage caused by human activity in 2008 represented a monetary value of $ 6.6 trillion, equivalent to 11%…

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Governments have their heads in the sand when it comes to oil

onsdag, 9. juni 2010


Sir David King, Director of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, has today called on governments to recognise…

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Climate Crisis, Credit Crisis: The Quest for Green Growth

torsdag, 22. april 2010

climate crisis credit crisis

April 2010 —

The Global Economy and Development program at Brookings today released a new report — “Climate Crisis, Credit Crisis:…

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Roadmap 2050: A Practical Guide to a Prosperous, Low-Carbon Europe.

onsdag, 14. april 2010

European Climate Foundation - Home_1271262104027

Europe can switch to low carbon sources of energy without jeopardising reliability or forcing up energy bills to punitive levels,…

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The Impact Of Global Warming

lørdag, 10. april 2010

american chronicle

Global warming is continuing to cause enormous devastation on the worlds economies particularly in countries like India. India today, is…

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IMF: Financing the Response to Climate Change

tirsdag, 6. april 2010


This note outlines a scheme for mobilizing financing to help developing countries confront the challenges posed by climate change. The…

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US: Green economy grows despite policy vacuum

tirsdag, 30. marts 2010

The Daily Climate_1269358873319 tdc

SAN FRANCISCO – The green economy continues to show almost remarkable signs of vitality, business leaders say, despite the near-total…

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- We are facing interconnected challenges

tirsdag, 30. marts 2010

intro state planet small

Stockholm Resilience Center: Centre director Johan Rockström among prominent list of speakers at State of the Planet 2010.

Rockström was among…

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China Leads G-20 Members in Clean Energy Finance and Investment

fredag, 26. marts 2010

pew charity trust

Washington, DC – 03/24/2010 – For the first time, China led the United States and other G-20 members in 2009…

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The Economic Case for Slashing Carbon Emissions

fredag, 19. marts 2010

green economy post

Amid a growing call for reducing atmospheric concentrations of CO2 to 350 parts per million, a group of economists maintains…

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The new world order

tirsdag, 2. marts 2010

nature reports

Global Warring: How Environmental, Economic, and Political Crises Will Redraw the World Map

Cleo Paskal must be cursing the publishing gods.…

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Climate insurance

mandag, 22. februar 2010


THE EARTH is warming. A chief cause is the increase in greenhouse gases accumulating in the atmosphere. Humans are at…

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World’s top firms cause $2.2tn of environmental damage, report estimates

fredag, 19. februar 2010

logo guardian

The cost of pollution and other damage to the natural environment caused by the world’s biggest companies would wipe out…

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Bill Gates on energy: Innovating to zero!

torsdag, 18. februar 2010

inovating to zero bill gates

At TED2010, Bill Gates unveils his vision for the world’s energy future, describing the need for “miracles” to avoid planetary…

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Beyond the Corn Field: Balancing Fuel, Food and Biodiversity

torsdag, 18. februar 2010


The development of alternative fuel will greatly benefit the U.S., say scientists in an Energy Foundation-funded report published February 16…

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State of the World 2010: Transforming Cultures

torsdag, 14. januar 2010

Worldwatch Institute_1263469275963 logo

Washington, D.C.-Without an intentional cultural shift that values sustainability over consumerism, no government pledges or technological advances will be enough…

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Clean-Energy Investment in Asia Exceeds Americas for First Year

lørdag, 9. januar 2010

Jan. 8 (Bloomberg) — Clean-energy investment in Asia rose during the global recession in 2009, surpassing the Americas for the…

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US PEW Center: Climate TechBook

torsdag, 7. januar 2010


Greenhouse gas emissions come from diverse sources across the economy. The magnitude of emissions and diversity of sources means that…

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2009: Energy Emissions Crash

onsdag, 6. januar 2010


Greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels dropped off a cliff in recession-hit 2009, plunging by the biggest amount in…

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Losses From Climate Change Disasters to Rise, Munich Re Says

tirsdag, 29. december 2009

Few major natural catastrophe losses in 2009 General trend confirmed by large number of weather extremes

Natural catastrophe losses were far…

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A Copenhagen Prognosis: towards a safe climate future

onsdag, 16. december 2009

sei copenhagen prognosis potsdam

SEI, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) launch A Copenhagen Prognosis:…

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World Bank: Carbon Partnership Facility

lørdag, 12. december 2009

CFB Logo wb

With the regulatory period of the Kyoto Protocol ending in 2012, and discussions between the Parties to the UNFCCC on…

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World Bank launches ‘green’ index of businesses in emerging markets

lørdag, 12. december 2009


10 December 2009 – The private sector arm of the World Bank today launched the first ever eco-friendly stock market…

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Atmospheric CO2 data