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NOAA: Past Decade Warmest on Record According to Scientists in 48 Countries

tirsdag, 10. august 2010

noaa state of the climate

The 2009 State of the Climate report draws on data for 10 key climate indicators that all point to the…

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How High Will Seas Rise? Get Ready for Seven Feet

fredag, 15. januar 2010

Yale University_1263558930242

As governments, businesses, and homeowners plan for the future, they should assume that the world’s oceans will rise by at…

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Climate change was a brutal reality for hundreds of millions of people in 2009

torsdag, 7. januar 2010


Climate change was a brutal reality for hundreds of millions of people in 2009: the Indian monsoon failed, drought afflicted…

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Vulnerable nations at Copenhagen summit reject 2C target

torsdag, 10. december 2009


Alliance of Small Island States say any deal that allows temperatures to rise by more than 1.5C is ‘not negotiable’


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IGBP Climate-Change Index

torsdag, 10. december 2009

IGBP»IGBP Climate Change Index_1260443729720

At the United Nations climate negotiations in Copenhagen, the International Geosphere-Biosphere programme launches the IGBP Climate-Change Index.

The index brings together…

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Global Climate Risk Index 2010 – reflecting most severely affected countries over almost two decades

onsdag, 9. december 2009

global climate risk german watch

The climate and development organization Germanwatch published its Global Climate Risk Index 2010 in Copenhagen today, ranking Bangladesh, Myanmar and…

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Voices from around the world

torsdag, 3. december 2009

greenpeace voices around the world


We must act today to stop treating the atmosphere like an ashtray. Global warming is already claiming 300,000 lives each…

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Climate change puts world at ‘tipping point’

mandag, 23. november 2009

wwf allianz world tipping point

WWF and Allianz climate report

If tipping points that are mainly triggered by rising global temperatures were unleashed, the world’s diverse…

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The Maldives Holds First Climate Vulnerable Forum

onsdag, 11. november 2009

Climate Vulnerable Forum_1257966533577 maldives

The Government of Maldives will host a high-level climate change summit to highlight the impact of climate change on vulnerable…

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No Place Like Home – Climate Refugees

lørdag, 7. november 2009

ejf no place like home climate refugees klimaflygtninge

“No Place Like Home” highlights the humanitarian plight of an estimated 150 million people whose homes will be lost as…

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UK Met Office: Mapping climate impacts

fredag, 23. oktober 2009

UK Met office climate impacts

A new map illustrating the global consequences of failing to keep temperature change to under 2 °C was launched today…

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Coral reefs around the world

torsdag, 3. september 2009

Paradise lost? Global warming has all but sealed the fate of the world’s coral reefs. Follow our interactive guide of…

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Tuvalu set to go carbon neutral

onsdag, 22. juli 2009

Tuvalu, the tiny Pacific island nation halfway between Australia and Hawaii, is set to become the first carbon-neutral country in…

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Tuvalu: Climate Change SOS

onsdag, 22. juli 2009

Tuvalu is one of the places on earth that is most vulnerable to the affects of global warming. The threat…

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