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New study quantifies the effects of climate change in Europe

torsdag, 26. juni 2014

eu flag 1

JRC: If no further action is taken and global temperature increases by 3.5°C, climate damages in the EU could amount…

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fredag, 20. juni 2014



Lancelot is the web application designed and produced by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on climate Change (CMCC) to provide…

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More, bigger wildfires burning western U.S.

fredag, 18. april 2014

AGU: Wildfires across the western United States have been getting bigger and more frequent over the last 30 years –…

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WMO Annual Climate Statement Highlights Extreme Events

onsdag, 26. marts 2014

WMO: The dramatic impact of climate variability and climate change continued to be felt all over the world throughout 2013.The…

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Middle East drought a threat to global food prices

søndag, 9. marts 2014

AlertNet: The Middle East’s driest winter in several decades could pose a threat to global food prices, with local crops…

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Heatwaves: Hotter, Longer, More Often

tirsdag, 18. februar 2014

aus climate council heatwaves

AUS Climate Couincil: The report examines the impact of climate change on heatwaves and hot weather in Australia and around…

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Big Facts on climate change, agriculture and food security.

torsdag, 6. februar 2014

fao big facts 2

CGIAR: Big Facts is a resource of the most up-to-date and robust facts relevant to the nexus of climate change,…

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Scientists find precipitation, global warming link

tirsdag, 12. november 2013

The rain in Spain may lie mainly on the plain, but the location and intensity of that rain is changing…

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More than 500 million people might face increasing water scarcity

lørdag, 12. oktober 2013

pik savana

Both freshwater availability for many millions of people and the stability of ecosystems such as the Siberian tundra or Indian…

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Explaining Extreme Events of 2012 from a Climate Perspective

torsdag, 5. september 2013

noaa Locations-of-Events-Analyzed-in-Explaining-Extreme-Events-of-2012

Location and type of events analyzed in “Explaining Extreme Events of 2012 from a Climate Perspective.” Credit: NOAA

NOAA: Human influences…

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Heat Waves to Become Much More Frequent and Severe

fredag, 16. august 2013

IOP: Climate change is set to trigger more frequent and severe heat waves in the next 30 years regardless of…

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Sahel: Recurrent Climate Shocks Propel Migration

lørdag, 3. august 2013

Refugees International: Recurrent climate-related shocks in West Africa’s Sahel region are having severe impacts on vulnerable populations. Increasingly, those unable…

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Drought affects 27m people in China

fredag, 2. august 2013

Global Times: A drought that has lingered since June has affected 27.11 million people living in 11 provincial-level areas across…

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Timeline: extreme weather and climate-related events in 2013

onsdag, 31. juli 2013

timeline rtcc

The World Resources Institute have compiled a useful timeline chronicling extreme weather events in 2012 and 2013.

The pattern for extreme events…

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Water in the Anthropocene

onsdag, 22. maj 2013

water in the amthropocene

Water in the Anthropocene is a 3-minute film charting the global impact of humans on the water cycle.  Evidence is…

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China: High and dry

tirsdag, 21. maj 2013

The Financial Times: Water shortages put a brake on economic growth

In the face of China’s rapid economic expansion and growing…

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Australia: The hottest summer on record

fredag, 1. marts 2013

Bureau of Meteorology: This summer hasn’t just felt hot. It’s been hot. The numbers are in, and the Bureau has…

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Increases in extreme rainfall linked to global warming

fredag, 1. februar 2013

The University of Adelaide: A worldwide review of global rainfall data led by the University of Adelaide has found that…

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New Research Shows Complexity of Global Warming

torsdag, 31. januar 2013


Global warming from greenhouse gases affects rainfall patterns in the world differently than that from solar heating, according to a…

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NASA Study Finds Severe Climate Jeopardizing Amazon Forest

lørdag, 19. januar 2013

nasa amazonas dry

NASA: An area of the Amazon rainforest twice the size of California continues to suffer from the effects of a…

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Australia adds new colour to temperature maps as heat soars

onsdag, 9. januar 2013


Guardian: Global warming is turning the volume of extreme weather up, Spinal-Tap-style, to 11. The temperature forecast for next Monday…

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2012 was warmest and second most extreme year on record for the contiguous U.S.

onsdag, 9. januar 2013

NOAA: 2012 was a historic year for extreme weather that included drought, wildfires, hurricanes and storms; however, tornado activity was…

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Andean glacier melt threatens floods, then drought

torsdag, 3. januar 2013

AlertNet : As glaciers melt in the Andes, western areas of South America can expect a period of repeated, extreme flooding…

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US: Only Rare Cold Will Keep 2012 From Being Hottest Year

søndag, 18. november 2012


ClimateCentral: The graphic, based on data from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, shows that 1998 (white line) was the warmest…

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Dried Out Vegetation Across America

fredag, 5. oktober 2012

nasa us drought 2012

NASA: Nearly two thirds of the contiguous United States was experiencing some level of drought by the end of August…

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Drought around the world

søndag, 9. september 2012

drought cnn


* Ukraine to Yellowstone, in Pakistan and Kazakhstan, the earth is parched

* Drought in the Black Sea region…

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Drought damage

fredag, 10. august 2012

fao aug 20121 food-price-index_e

FAO: The severe deterioration of maize crop prospects in the United States following extensive drought damage pushed up maize prices…

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Food Security and Climate Change

tirsdag, 31. juli 2012

Oxford Research Group: Rising food prices point to a potential crisis later this year as poor communities across the world…

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Extreme Drought Areas in US Nearly Triple in One Week

lørdag, 28. juli 2012

us drought 2012

treehugger: The drought gets worse: The US Drought Monitor reports that areas on the nation under extreme drought conditions in…

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Top Ten Things Climate Change Is Making Worse Right Now

mandag, 23. juli 2012

Climateprogress: The onslaught of extreme weather and record temperatures this year have had an impact on people globally, directly through…

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When national disasters go global

fredag, 20. juli 2012

AlertNet: The national Drought Monitor recently declared a drought for almost 80 percent of the contiguous United States, ranging in…

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US: State of the Climate Drought June 2012

tirsdag, 17. juli 2012

palmer noaa june 2012

NOAA: Based on the Palmer Drought Index, severe to extreme drought affected about 33 percent of the contiguous United States…

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Drought Covers One-Third Of U.S. Counties, The Largest Agricultural Disaster Area Ever Declared

fredag, 13. juli 2012

ThinkProgress: The U.S. Agriculture Department has issued a natural disaster declaration for more than 1,000 U.S. counties facing severe drought. This…

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Extreme heat becoming more likely under climate change

tirsdag, 10. juli 2012

UK Met Office: 10 July 2012 – Groundbreaking research has shown how climate change significantly increased the odds of some…

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Mexico, Central America face catastrophic drought.

onsdag, 23. maj 2012

IPS: If climate change pushes the global average temperature to 2.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial era levels, as many experts…

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Climate Change Has Intensified the Global Water Cycle

fredag, 27. april 2012

ClimateCentral: Climate scientists have been saying for years that one of the many downsides of a warming planet is that…

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Climate Change Likely To Impact Corn Market

tirsdag, 24. april 2012

RTT: The journal Nature Climate Change contends that factors such as market policies or oil prices have comparatively little effect…

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Ready or Not: How Water-Ready is Your State?

onsdag, 11. april 2012

us water


NRDC: Across the U.S., the impacts of climate change on water resources are already being seen. Warmer temperatures, changes in…

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Drought hits 4 million hectares of China’s crops

fredag, 6. april 2012

(Reuters) – About 4 million hectares of crops are suffering from a severe drought in China that has hit 13…

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Drought risk adds energy headache

torsdag, 15. marts 2012

(AlertNet) – Countries struggling to plot a greener energy mix face the extra headache of water scarcity from drought, squeezing…

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Drought-hit Balkans struggle to keep lights on

onsdag, 14. marts 2012

(Reuters) – Ramiz Memidzan, 66, was a young boy when he last saw the village where he was born in…

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Syria: Climate Change, Drought and Social Unrest

mandag, 5. marts 2012

Syria- Climate Change, Drought and Social Unrest - ThinkProgress 2012-03-05 16-33-45

Climate Progress:

NOAA concluded in 2011 that “human-caused climate change [is now] a major factor in more frequent Mediterranean droughts.” Reds…

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Portugal prays for rain as drought adds to crisis

søndag, 4. marts 2012

(Reuters) – After Portugal’s driest February in 80 years, farmers are praying for a miracle as drought ravages pastures and…

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Mapping Tool Analyzes How Climate Change, Conflict, and Aid Intersect

onsdag, 29. februar 2012

afrika ccaps

The CCAPS program released the pilot version of its dynamic mapping tool today. In partnership with AidData, CCAPS developed the online data portal…

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Argentina tries to combat a drier future

onsdag, 1. februar 2012

(AlertNet) – For almost two months, an intense drought has been damaging crops in Argentina, especially corn and soy, threatening…

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How climate change, urbanization are changing disaster aid

torsdag, 26. januar 2012

alertnet aid

LONDON (AlertNet) – Picture this: a terrible drought forces you to abandon your meager plot of farmland, so you migrate…

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Rhine River’s retreat to a 20-year low

lørdag, 17. december 2011

Bloomberg: Germany’s driest November has shrunk Europe’s rivers, creating monthlong delays for oil- and ore- carrying barges while uncovering the…

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Threat of malnutrition dire in Africa’s Sahel region due to increasing food shortages

lørdag, 17. december 2011


UNICEF: It’s not a tsunami or an earthquake – it is a predictable emergency. UNICEF estimates more than a million…

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Water and climate change impacts and adaptation strategies

mandag, 28. november 2011


UNFCC: Building on recent reviews on climate change impacts on freshwater resources and adaptation strategies, this technical paper analyses existing…

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Mexican farmers suffer worst drought in 70 years

lørdag, 26. november 2011

(Reuters) – Mexico is being battered its worst drought in seven decades, which has devastated farm life and is expected…

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Atmospheric CO2 data