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Big Facts on climate change, agriculture and food security.

torsdag, 6. februar 2014

fao big facts 2

CGIAR: Big Facts is a resource of the most up-to-date and robust facts relevant to the nexus of climate change,…

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Humans: the real threat to life on Earth

søndag, 30. juni 2013

ten billion

Guardian: If population levels continue to rise at the current rate, our grandchildren will see the Earth plunged into an…

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Studying Soil to Predict the Future of Earth’s Atmosphere

tirsdag, 19. juni 2012


A new study by researchers at BYU, Duke and the USDA finds that soil plays an important role in controlling…

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Mexico: Climate Change Drives Migration

lørdag, 17. september 2011

IPS: Tlapa, one of the poorest places in Mexico, is ravaged by deforestation, intermittent drought and torrential rains, so that…

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Land grabs threaten food security

onsdag, 27. juli 2011


By Christine Stebbins

CHICAGO, July 26 (Reuters) – Rich countries grabbing farmland in Africa to feed their growing populations can leave…

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Extreme Weather and Climate Change

mandag, 25. juli 2011

Scientific American published a three-part series authored by award-winning science journalist John Carey and commissioned by the Pew Center on Global…

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World on the Edge by the Numbers – Growing Goat Herds Signal Global Grassland Decline

torsdag, 23. juni 2011

earth policy institute

After the earth was created, soil formed slowly over geological time from the weathering of rocks. It began to support…

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