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fredag, 20. juni 2014



Lancelot is the web application designed and produced by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on climate Change (CMCC) to provide…

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Modern Ocean Acidification Is Outpacing Ancient Upheaval

torsdag, 5. juni 2014

The Earth Institute at Columbia University: Some 56 million years ago, a massive pulse of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere…

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Ocean Acidification

lørdag, 29. marts 2014


New Ocean Acidification website launched

A new online resource on Ocean Acidification has been launched that brings together new ocean acidification…

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Middle East drought a threat to global food prices

søndag, 9. marts 2014

AlertNet: The Middle East’s driest winter in several decades could pose a threat to global food prices, with local crops…

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Half of plants may move in warmer world

søndag, 16. februar 2014

climate news network: By 2100, vegetation patterns will be shifting in almost half the land area of the planet, according…

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Big Facts on climate change, agriculture and food security.

torsdag, 6. februar 2014

fao big facts 2

CGIAR: Big Facts is a resource of the most up-to-date and robust facts relevant to the nexus of climate change,…

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Global food markets: Climate impacts would be more costly than bioenergy effects

onsdag, 15. januar 2014

Potsdam: Ambitious greenhouse-gas mitigation consistent with the 2 degrees target is likely to require substantial amounts of bioenergy as part…

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The Global Food Challenge Explained in 18 Graphics

lørdag, 28. december 2013

wri food

WRI: The world is projected to hold a whopping 9.6 billion people by 2050. Figuring out how to feed all…

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Climate Change Seen Posing Risk to Food Supplies

mandag, 4. november 2013

NYT: Climate change will pose sharp risks to the world’s food supply in coming decades, potentially undermining crop production and…

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Is Global Heating Hiding Out in the Oceans?

mandag, 4. november 2013

Parts of Pacific Warming 15 Times Faster Than in Past 10,000 Years


Hyalinea balthica.

Columbia University: A recent slowdown in global warming…

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The geography of poverty, disasters and climate extremes in 2030

onsdag, 23. oktober 2013

poverty 2030

The Overseas Development Institute : This report examines the relationship between disasters and poverty.

Key messages:

* Extreme weather linked to climate change…

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Escaping the warmth: The Atlantic cod conquers the Arctic

onsdag, 23. oktober 2013

polar cod

Alfred Wegener Institute: As a result of climate change the Atlantic cod has moved so far north that it’s juveniles…

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A Sea of Change

onsdag, 16. oktober 2013

PLOS Bio: More than two-thirds of the planet is covered by ocean, and we humans extract a large proportion of…

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Movement of marine life follows speed and direction of climate change

fredag, 13. september 2013

Princeton: Scientists expect climate change and warmer oceans to push the fish that people rely on for food and income…

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Climate change will upset vital ocean chemical cycles

mandag, 9. september 2013

plankton uk

New research from the University of Exeter and the University of East Anglia (UEA) shows that rising ocean temperatures will upset…

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Spread of crop pests threatens global food security as Earth warms

mandag, 2. september 2013

University of Exeter: A new study has revealed that global warming is resulting in the spread of crop pests towards…

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Study finds climate change is causing modifications to marine life behavior

søndag, 4. august 2013

Phys Org: Oceans cover 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, yet our knowledge of the impact of climate change on…

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Greenhouse gas likely altering ocean food chain

onsdag, 3. juli 2013


USC: Climate change may be weeding out the bacteria that form the base of the ocean’s food chain, selecting certain…

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Humans: the real threat to life on Earth

søndag, 30. juni 2013

ten billion

Guardian: If population levels continue to rise at the current rate, our grandchildren will see the Earth plunged into an…

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Warming Oceans Are Reshaping Fisheries

fredag, 17. maj 2013

UBC: Climate change has been impacting global fisheries for the past four decades by driving species towards cooler, deeper waters,…

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Over half the world’s population could rely on food imports by 2050

onsdag, 8. maj 2013

Guardian: Potsdam Institute projection suggests population growth would increase imported food, even without climate change.

Although many countries choose to import…

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Climate change: how a warming world is a threat to our food supplies

søndag, 14. april 2013

Guardian: Drought, rocketing bread prices, food and water shortages have all blighted parts of the Middle East. Analysts at the…

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Malawians rethink maize planting as climate dries

torsdag, 11. april 2013

By Karen Sanje

MZUZU, Malawi (AlertNet) – Less than three years after Ezelina Nyirongo reluctantly abandoned cultivation of her favourite local…

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Mekong hit by climate change

mandag, 8. april 2013 Final results of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded study, that were released at a regional workshop…

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Global warming could corrode shallow reefs sooner than previously forecast

torsdag, 28. februar 2013

koraller guardian reuter

CCRC; Aus: Shallow coral reefs may be even more susceptible to increasing acidity caused by heightened levels of carbon dioxide…

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Invasive alien species: a growing problem for environment and health

onsdag, 27. februar 2013

EEA: There are more than 10 000 alien species present in Europe, and the rate of new introductions has accelerated…

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Increases in extreme rainfall linked to global warming

fredag, 1. februar 2013

The University of Adelaide: A worldwide review of global rainfall data led by the University of Adelaide has found that…

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New Research Shows Complexity of Global Warming

torsdag, 31. januar 2013


Global warming from greenhouse gases affects rainfall patterns in the world differently than that from solar heating, according to a…

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New heat-, drought- and flood-tolerant crops

torsdag, 31. januar 2013

Global Crop Diversity Trust: New Pact Invests US$109 Million to Secure Raw Genetic Material Critical to Maintaining Food Production Worldwide

Concerned that…

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Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction

torsdag, 24. januar 2013

fao food lose


Key Findings:

* Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3…

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Feeding the 9 Billion: The tragedy of waste

torsdag, 10. januar 2013


The Institution of Mechanical Engineers: Today, we produce about four billion metric tonnes of food per annum. Yet due to…

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Andean glacier melt threatens floods, then drought

torsdag, 3. januar 2013

AlertNet : As glaciers melt in the Andes, western areas of South America can expect a period of repeated, extreme flooding…

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The Dirty Weather Report

torsdag, 15. november 2012

dirty weather

The Climate Reality Project:

Dirty energy has created a world of Dirty Weather. Today, climate disruption affects us all. And…

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Italy floods prompt fears for future of farming

tirsdag, 13. november 2012

Guardian: Storms have battered ancient towns and left large swaths of farmland in Tuscany under water, prompting a warning from…

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Food scarcity: the timebomb setting nation against nation

søndag, 14. oktober 2012

guardian: As the UN and Oxfam warn of the dangers ahead, expert analyst Lester Brown says time to solve the problem…

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Climate Change Threatens One Million Maize and Bean Farmers in Central America

onsdag, 10. oktober 2012


CIAT: Higher temperatures and changes in rainfall patterns could transform the agricultural landscape of Central America, threatening the livelihoods of…

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Dried Out Vegetation Across America

fredag, 5. oktober 2012

nasa us drought 2012

NASA: Nearly two thirds of the contiguous United States was experiencing some level of drought by the end of August…

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Climate change growing threat to food, biodiversity

tirsdag, 25. september 2012

(AlertNet) – Climate change is a major threat to the world’s food supply and to biodiversity, and prompt action to…

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CO2 Emissions Threaten Ocean-Based Food Security

mandag, 24. september 2012

Oceana’s new report, Ocean-Based Food Security Threatened in a High CO2 World ranks nations to show which are most vulnerable…

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Hunger may be largest health impact of climate change

onsdag, 19. september 2012

hunger alertnet

LONDON (AlertNet) – Malnutrition is likely to be the most serious health threat linked to climate shifts in the coming…

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Tristram Stuart: The global food waste scandal

mandag, 17. september 2012

TED Talks: Western countries throw out nearly half of their food, not because it’s inedible — but because it doesn’t…

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World confronts serious water crisis

tirsdag, 11. september 2012

InterAction Council: The world today confronts a water crisis with critical implications for peace, political stability and economic development, experts…

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Drought around the world

søndag, 9. september 2012

drought cnn


* Ukraine to Yellowstone, in Pakistan and Kazakhstan, the earth is parched

* Drought in the Black Sea region…

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Extreme Weather, Extreme Prices

onsdag, 5. september 2012

food-price-index_e sept 2012

Guradian: Climate change’s impact on future food prices is being underestimated, Oxfam warned in a report on Wednesday.  The development…

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Severe Droughts Drive Food Prices Higher, Threatening the Poor

fredag, 31. august 2012

World Bank: Global food prices soared by 10 percent in July from a month ago, with maize and soybean reaching…

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Sea life ‘facing major shock’

onsdag, 22. august 2012

Okfisk(1) fisk gule

ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies: Life in the world’s oceans faces far greater change and risk of large-scale…

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Australia’s oceans are changing

tirsdag, 21. august 2012

csiro logo.ashx

The 2012 Marine Climate Change in Australia Report Card demonstrates that climate change is having significant impacts on Australia’s marine ecosystems.


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Drought damage

fredag, 10. august 2012

fao aug 20121 food-price-index_e

FAO: The severe deterioration of maize crop prospects in the United States following extensive drought damage pushed up maize prices…

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Food Security and Climate Change

tirsdag, 31. juli 2012

Oxford Research Group: Rising food prices point to a potential crisis later this year as poor communities across the world…

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Extreme Drought Areas in US Nearly Triple in One Week

lørdag, 28. juli 2012

us drought 2012

treehugger: The drought gets worse: The US Drought Monitor reports that areas on the nation under extreme drought conditions in…

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