Seasonal and longterm changes in groundwater levels

grace world groundwater

grace 2

This 30 second data visualization uses the measurements collected by the GRACE satellites over a period of 10 years to show seasonal and longterm changes in groundwater levels.

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Submit the name of your city to add a graph of groundwater levels in your area to the screen in Times Square.  View your graph on the Thomson Reuters building through the Times Square webcam or see graphs generated by others in the archive. Go!

Archive: These are graphs generated by visitors of this website. Each graph shows groundwater levels for that area over a nine year period from 2002 to 2011. Go!

HeadsUp! is an international competition challenging designers to visualize critical global issues and create a shared sign for the public square. Working with global data on issues such as global groundwater levels, climate change and ocean acidification, designers will create a series of visual displays to translate abstract metrics into recognizable and actionable news. Continue

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