Global Warming May Worsen Effects of El Niño, La Niña Events

Climate Central: Climate scientists have been wrestling with the first question for a while now, and they still don’t really have a definitive answer. Some climate models have suggested that global warming has already begun to cause subtle changes in ENSO cycles, and that the changes will become more pronounced later this century. But a new study, published in the Journal of Climate, doesn’t find much evidence for that.

But on the second question, the new study is a lot more definitive. “Due to a warmer and moister atmosphere,” said co-author Baylor Fox-Kemper, of the University of Colorado in a press release, “the impacts of El Niño are changing even though El Niño itself doesn’t change.”Continue


Will there be a significant change to El Niño in the 21st century?

Samantha Stevenson and Baylor Fox-Kemper

Journal of Climate 2011 ; e-View

doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-11-00252.1


NOAA’s El Niño Page

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