Glacial Balance in the Andes

glacial balance

“Glacial Balance” will take us on a journey along the Andes – from Argentina to Colombia, dropping in on the lives of the villages and cities that depend on snow-melt, and in times of drought, glacial melt, for drinking water, irrigation, hydro-electric energy, etc. The goal is to put a human face, real-life stories and feelings, to the effects we are feeling from glacial decline. Regardless of whether its cause is global warming, mining contamination, volcanic ash, or a mixture of these factors, the glacial reserve is diminishing. The film’s goal is to open eyes and minds. Spark action in individuals, organizations, and governments that would otherwise be indifferent to the cause. A way for the everyday man to understand and feel something about the disappearing tropical glacier reserve and see it as the first link in a chain reaction that could have drastic consequences.

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