Coming Era of Water Scarcity Will Prompt Global Industrial Transformation, According to Survey of International Experts


Population growth, urban development, farm production, and climate change is increasing competition for fresh water and producing shortages so acute that virtually every industry in the world anticipates sweeping systemic transformation over the next decade in their strategic planning, production practices, and business models.

That is the conclusion of a global opinion poll of more than 1,200 sustainability experts conducted and made public today by GlobeScan, an international public and stakeholder opinion research firm, and SustainAbility, a think tank and business strategy consultancy.

* Experts project that the depletion of global water resources is progressing in a manner that is more rapid, severe, and complex than previously anticipated.

* Changes across nearly all sectors of the global economy are expected as a result of water shortages.

* Companies need to be prepared to address increasing pressure for responsible water consumption practices—expect greater regulatory action and stakeholder activism.

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